Tutorial: Optimized listview

29 November 2014
Published in Android

Basic tutorial to create an optimized custom listview using Android.

Tutorial: Push to exit

23 November 2014
Published in Android

Simple tutorial to make an exit double check in Android.

iQuotes released!

20 September 2012
Published in News

Second public app released !!!

Quotations of famous people, search by category or author and keep your favorite Developed in English and Spanish (iFrases). The application allows search for quotations, browse quotations by category or author and maintain a list of favorite quotes.

More than 12000 english quotes and more than 6000 spanish quotes and 200 author.

For free!. For you: Colorful Alarm is the ultimate alarm in the Android Market, fully configurable, with three steps to make your wake  up easy and let you start the day in agood mood. First, it will start with the light step, lighning the room with a color of your choice (or dynamic colors), then it will ring a relaxing sound, a forest in the  morning, waves of the ocean, or any other of your choice. After a while (a time that you can configure), a song that you have previously selected will wake up you in case you are still sleeping.

Perfect alarm if you want to start the day smoothly, without the roughness of typical alarms or standard songs, or in the case you want to wake up and let your partner keep dreaming

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